Developing Better Relationships With Extended Family

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Foster Care Adoptions: Don’t Believe the Myths

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There are several ways you can go about adopting a child. Sometimes, someone finds themselves in a certain position that guides their path to adoption. Other times, someone will have to put a lot of time and effort into adopting a child. No matter which way a person goes, the result will hopefully be welcoming a child permanently into their family. Some types of adoption include kinship adoption, international adoption, private adoption, and foster care adoption. Read More»

Alternatives To Abortion

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If you are pregnant and worried about being able to take care of the baby, but not wanting an abortion, then you’ll want to read this article. You will learn about some of the different options you do have available to you as abortion alternatives when you find out you are pregnant. Here are some of the different choices you have:  Have someone take over guardianship temporarily If you worry that you are too young to properly raise the baby, or you have things you want to accomplish first, like going to college, then talk to your family, the child’s father’s family, or even close friends. Read More»

3 Financial Tips For Planning A Funeral Service

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If you are in charge of planning a funeral service for a family member who did not plan out their own funeral in advance, you may need to watch your finances. You want to put together a respectable funeral service while at the same time sticking to a budget that you and your family can afford. #1 Ask for A Written Casket List The cost of a casket can vary greatly, from a couple of hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars. Read More»

4 Tips For Including The Birthfather In Your Adoption Process

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If you are choosing adoption, you are going to want to meet with an adoption agent to help you with the step-by-step process. An adoption agent is not there to judge, so it’s important to be open and honest so that your adoption process is smoother. This is extremely important during this emotional time in your life. Another part of the process, which definitely isn’t easy for many, is to include the birthfather. Read More»