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4 Tips For Including The Birthfather In Your Adoption Process

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If you are choosing adoption, you are going to want to meet with an adoption agent to help you with the step-by-step process. An adoption agent is not there to judge, so it's important to be open and honest so that your adoption process is smoother. This is extremely important during this emotional time in your life. Another part of the process, which definitely isn't easy for many, is to include the birthfather. An adoption agent can help you with this, as well, but it's important to do your part. Here are four tips on how to include the birthfather:

  1. Don't Withhold the Information: Legal issues can come up in the future should you not tell the birthfather about the pregnancy or the fact that you have chosen adoption. Many pregnant women don't know it, but the birthfather has a legal right to contribute to the decision for the child. 
  2. Don't Lie About the Father: Many women who attempt to withhold information about the birthfather can face problems through the process of adoption if they actually do know who the birthfather is. This includes a halt in the adoption and being held in contempt because of lying to the court. If you know the father, provide information about him to your adoption agent to avoid these issues. 
  3. Talk to Your Adoption Agent About Options: You may need to hire a lawyer to help with the process of persuading the court that the birthfather would not have a relationship with the child should you not chose adoption. Of course, this is needed if the birthfather contests the adoption. If you feel like this is something that might happen, discuss it with your adoption agent who can refer you to a lawyer. Your agent may even be able to help you approach the birthfather about the adoption in a way that help him ease himself into at least hearing you out and maybe meeting with the adoption agent himself. 
  4. Be Prepared: Finally, you need to be emotionally prepared should the birthfather decide to consent. A good lawyer will help provide proof of the birthfather's potential inconsistency to hold a relationship with the child. On top of this, they will provide proof of an inconsistency in home life and more. Of course, this can be difficult to go through, so you might consider talking it through with your agent or getting referred to a counselor if needed. 

With these four tips, including the birthfather, while it may be emotional, is ultimately going to lead to a smoother process overall. If you need help with the adoption process, contact an adoption agency like A Child's Dream.