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Foster Care Adoptions: Don’t Believe the Myths

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There are several ways you can go about adopting a child. Sometimes, someone finds themselves in a certain position that guides their path to adoption. Other times, someone will have to put a lot of time and effort into adopting a child. No matter which way a person goes, the result will hopefully be welcoming a child permanently into their family. Some types of adoption include kinship adoption, international adoption, private adoption, and foster care adoption.

There are myths regarding all types of adoption and when you want to adopt a child, you want to avoid believing myths that can confuse things and create problems and obstacles. Here are some of the myths regarding foster care adoption you want to be aware of. 

Myth: All the Children in the Foster Care System Are Special Needs

There are many reasons why a child can be placed in the foster care system. Just some of these reasons can include having abusive parents, neglectful parents, drug-abusing parents, incarcerated parents, or seriously ill parents. Also, some children are in the foster care system because they have lost their parents. If you are hoping to bring a special needs child into your life, you certainly can. However, if you aren't able to meet the financial or emotional needs of a special needs child, then there are also many children without special needs in the foster care system who are available for adoption. 

Myth: It’s Very Expensive to Adopt a Child From the Foster Care System

While it can cost tens of thousands of dollars to adopt a child through international or private adoption, this is not the case with foster care adoptions. In fact, it is free to adopt a child through the foster care system. However, there may be some repeated expenses, such as traveling expenses. Some good news regarding expenses a family may incur is that there are tax credits available to help offset such expenses when adopting a child through the foster care adoption program. 

Myth: It Is Nearly Impossible to Be Approved to Adopt Through the Foster Care System

A common myth about foster care adoptions is that only wealthy, married, homeowners will be approved to adopt a child through the foster care adoption program. If you are interested in adopting, then you may be relieved to know you can be approved whether you are single or married, rent or own your home, regardless of your sexual orientation, etc. If you are a caring person who would love to share your life with a child, then you should look into foster care adoptions further.

Contact local child adoption services to learn more or get more answers to your questions.