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Alternatives To Abortion

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If you are pregnant and worried about being able to take care of the baby, but not wanting an abortion, then you'll want to read this article. You will learn about some of the different options you do have available to you as abortion alternatives when you find out you are pregnant. Here are some of the different choices you have: 

Have someone take over guardianship temporarily

If you worry that you are too young to properly raise the baby, or you have things you want to accomplish first, like going to college, then talk to your family, the child's father's family, or even close friends. You may find someone who would be willing to care for the child until you are in a better place to parent it. While it is usually grandparents who take over this role until the parent is in a better place to raise a child, you can give temporary guardianship over to anyone you trust. 

Raise the child on your own

If you are pregnant and the other parent has no interest in having the child, this doesn't mean that you can't have it on your own. You can be a single parent. There are a lot of resources available that will help you out when you are a single parent, so you can do it on your own even if you don't have the support of the other parent or even if you don't have the support of your family.  

Coparent the child

Even if you aren't with the child's father, this doesn't mean the two of you can't raise it together, separately. Talk to the father and find out if he would want to be involved. You may be surprised to learn that he would want to be in the child's life. The two of you can come up with a parenting plan together. Or, if you struggle with this then you can get help with the parenting plan from a mediator. It's a good idea to go through the court, so there is someone to make sure each parent sticks to the plan and this can help avoid arguments and bad situations. 

Place the baby for adoption

Another option you have available to you is to place the baby for adoption. There are many ways adoption can be done. You can give the baby to someone you know who would love to bring a baby into their family. You can have an open adoption where you will remain in the child's life to the degree that is agreed upon by both you and the child's adoptive parents. You can also have a closed adoption and this means when you relinquish your rights to the adoptive parents, there will be no more contact between yourself, the parents, and the child.